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How to Achieve Precise and Fine Quality Cut With a Laser Beam

When we talk about cutting hard plastic and metal, then perfection is difficult to achieve. In order to get sharp cuts and fine finish Laser cutting in New York and in USA is often used. Laser cutting technology along with CNC router in New York is an effective tool and provides excellent results.

A high-quality laser beam is focused on to the surface which needs to be cut through an optical system, this leads to burning of the metal leaving behind a perfectly cut object which is needed. The result is so accurate that it is generally used for cutting heavy duty metal and is widely used in industrial cutting as well such as for cutting pipes and tubes.

Advantages of Using CNC Machining Lasers

  • Since the laser beam needs to be focused therefore by making use of CNC router it is easier to keep the work piece intact. With this the piece does not move or change its position therefore a perfect cut is achieved.

  • The best part about CNC router is that it does not leave any mark or residual therefore a clean and a polished effect is achieved.

  • Laser beam when used with a CNC router results in very fine quality and precision as the laser beam does not flicker unlike physical laser blades.

  • There are lesser chances of wrapping as in physical or manual cutting. In case of mechanized cutting there is a greater chance of the object being dragged or there is a possibility of greater pressure being applied which is not the case in laser cutting.

  • Laser beam helps in achieving very fine intricate cuts which are generally used in designing jewelry. Manual designs and mechanically designs for jewelry are not possible.

  • Laser beam cutting is not only accurate and precise but also uses less energy as compared to plasma cutters.

  • Therefore, if you are able to get hold of a laser beam cutting technology then it is best to make use of that rather than try on manual cutting or plasma cutting

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