We are a leading fabrication company providing CO2 laser cutting servicing in New York and across USA.  We provide accurate and fast laser cutting, engraving and other related services.

We have quick turnaround time to complete the job and it depends on the kind of work and design.  We accept designs as AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator file formats along with bitmaps in JPEG or BMP format.

Why we use CO2 laser for cutting:

  • Latest and well maintained CO2 laser cutting machine

  • Qualified, trained and experienced Professionals to do laser cutting

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Quick turnaround

  • High quality and accurate results of final product

We can provide Laser cutting in New York and in USA for various materials including Wood, Paper, Plastic, Glass, Card board, Acrylic, Fabrics, etc.

For Engraving services, we suggest to have comparatively flat material as engraving is different from laser cutting.

Benefits of Laser cutting in New York and in USA

There are various benefits of laser cutting; we are listing a few below:

  • Laser cutting helps in producing products with almost zero edge deformation

  • You can have a faster turnaround time with laser cutting compared to other fabrication methods.

  • As the entire cutting process is computer aided the accuracy level is very high.

  • Laser cutting is efficient with very minimal waste. It also means lot of savings in terms of wastage.

We have been providing CO2 Laser cutting services in New York for many years and provide services across all boroughs (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens). We also provide services across other cities.   If you looking for CO2 Laser cutting and any other CNC service, feel free to contact us. You can reach us online or contact us at 646.763.3309




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