Custom metal parts & architectural metal fabrication in New York: We are a custom metal parts fabrication shop provides all metal fabrication in new York. Besides general metal fabricating such as railing, fence and metal doors, we specializing on sheet and architectural metal fabrications. We work closely with customer start from a rough sketch to completed products. We also work with architects and designers on projects with comprehensive detail shop drawings and meet all specifications and high level of standard. With ability of cutting all shape metal in 3/4" thickness and less than 0.1mm cutting tolerance our works meet all level of standards and needs.  

Welding: We use different types of welding for different metal fabrications, including TIG, MIG and Laser welding.  
Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding: Use in most metal fabrication included steel, stainless and aluminum. 
        Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding: Use in stainless steel and thin gauge metal. 
Laser welding. The most advanced laser technology applied on metal fabrication. Faster speed and cleaner welding spot.

Sign fabrication in New York: We offer sign fabrications in new york.
       Negative Cut Sign: Cutting outline of logos and letters and remove from blank panel.
       Positive Cut Sign: Cutting outline of logos and letters from panel and attach on backgroup panels or walls.  
       Stand-off letter: Cutting thick letters and raise from panel or walls to achieve 3 D effects.
       Eclipse fixed mount sign bracket  
       Light boxes: Negative cut logo and letter on a panel and build a box with light. 
       Wood engraving signs: Engraving logo and letter on woods or PVC.

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