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Custom metal parts & architectural metal fabrication in New York: We are a custom metal fabrication shop provides all metal parts fabrication in New York. We specialize high precision laser cutting parts for all needs, such as industrial, construction and art. With our 2000 watt and 6000 watts laser cutters we are able to handle large scale jobs and also willing to work with individual who has need for metal part to finish home projects.  

Laser cutting machines: Our laser cutters can cut up to as thick as 1 inch thick steel and can also cut 26 gauge (0.015") steel.


 Laser welding. The most advanced laser technology applied on metal fabrication. Faster speed and cleaner welding spot.

Metal Fabrications

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Metal Plates & Cleats

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- Metal plates & cleats: Laser cut construction steel plates, I beam connecting plates and angle cleats, thickness up to 1 inch.

Free CAD drawing on quantity over 15.

metal cutting.jpg

Metal Planters

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Metal planters: metal planters are great decoration for patio, porch and garden. Our metal planters are unpainted and made out of hot rolled steel, rust will start after period of time, and it starts to show the rust brown color. 

What to plant in planters?

Planter Box Plants: The Top 19 Best Plants for Container & Planter Boxes - Pergola Depot

Austin, Tx _  » Crestview.jfif
Oakmont Steel Planters - Cube - 12 Cube - $195_00.jfif
This item is unavailable _ Etsy.jfif
Long Box Planter - Corten Steel.png
Campania International Steel Box Planter - Set of 2.jpg
Veradek Corten Steel Window Box Indoor_Outdoor Planter.png

Fire Pits

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Fire pit: A fire feature is a great addition to the outdoor/backyard, fire pit can be the  focal point of any outdoor activities.  Our fire pits are made from 3/16" and thicker steel to prevent warping due to heat from wood burning.

1.33 (2).jpg
The Fin Fire Pit 36_ - Steel Modern Metal bowl firepit top cover Square Fire Ring Large Ho
metal portable and easy to install fire pit,custom Fire Pit,Backyard Fire Pit Bowl, XL fir

Joist Hangers

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Joist Hangers: custom make joist hangers for all size wood beams, LVL, steel C joists. We specialize in heavy duty beam support and reinforcing parts

joist hanger (3).jpg
joist hanger (5).jpg
joist hanger.jpg
joist hanger (6).jpg
joist hanger (4).jpg

Sewer & Drain Covers

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Sewer & drain covers:  Street and parking lot drain cover is made half inch or thick steel plate. The holes sizes will be carefully designed depends on amount of traffic and weight of heaviest vehicles. 

sawer cover.jpg
drain cover.jpg
Linear Channel Drains.jpg
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