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Metal Signs:  Metal signs give the beauty of natural and simplicity, and can help businesses get more attention.  We offer variety of metal signs finish, powder coat, paint and uncoated rustic look. We use different material for signs, metal, stainless, aluminum and brass to achieve different look. In some cases we use several different material in one sign to achieve different layers.

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100 to 75.JPG
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Decorative Panels:  A great feature of decorating home, office or businesses.  We use metal, acrylic, MDF and plywood, custom pattern will fit your space. Custom size, made to order.

Click "Pinterest links below for more pattern.

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Privacy screenCustom design privacy screen. 

Material: metal, acrylic, pvc, acrylic, MDF.

Use: font  and back yard fence, railing, restaurant partition.

Click Pinterest link below for more pattern.

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1to 1 (2).jpg
.75 (4).jpg
.75 (3).jpg
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Metal Wall Art: A great decorative art work for office, living room and business. It can be few simple words or a famous phrase using artistic font.   Click link below for more art work design.

Radiator cover: Custom size and design radiator cover, over hundred designs to select,. click the pinterest link.

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100 to 100.jpg
100 to 100.jpeg

CNC services in New York and in USA. We offer variety of CNC services in New York and across the country including metal laser cutting, co2 acrylic cutting and engraving and CNC router cutting and engraving. CNC cutting is cutting devices controlled by computer designed vector,  the benefit of CNC is not only precise and efficient, but also can do all shapes of cutting that hands will never able to achieve.

Steel parts manufacture NEW YORK & USA. We offer metal parts manufacturing for all industry including construction, auto and industrial from design to completion. with fast speed and ability of cutting thick metal we delivery the best part and reasonable cost.

Laser cut screen panel in New York: We offer laser cut screen panels which generally used on railing and fence and can be be a great decoration for interior and exterior. 

 Fiber laser cutting: Fiber laser cutting the most most efficient way of metal cutting, with less 0.1mm tolerance and up to 3/4" thick cutting capacity we offer the best cutting services in New york. Cutting size 5 feet by 10 feet.

Fiber tube cutter: Square tube, rectangular tube, pipe.

CNC router: CNC router is the router that is guided by computer draw vector. It generally apply on cabinet and furniture making and sign fabrication. 


CO2 laser cutting: Co2 laser is lower wattage laser, it generally used on all non metal material, including acrylic, plywood cutting and engraving. 


Sign fabrication in New York: We offer sign fabrications in new york.       Negative Cut Sign: Cutting outline of logos and letters and remove from blank panel.     

 Positive Cut Sign: Cutting outline of logos and letters from panel and attach on backgroup panels or walls.         

Stand-off letter: Cutting thick letters and raise from panel or walls to achieve 3 D effects.     

 Eclipse fixed mount sign bracket         

Light boxes: Negative cut logo and letter on a panel and build a box with light.      

 Wood engraving signs: Engraving logo and letter on woods or PVC.

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