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Metal fabrication in New York: Our company offers all kinds of custom metal fabrication services in New York such as railing, fence, metal doors and we  specialize in  custom metal parts manufacturing and CNC services. 

Laser cutting in New York and in USA: Our company offers laser cutting services on a verity of steel including mild steel, stainless, brass, copper, aluminum and also in many different  shapes, plate, rectangular tube, square tube and pipe.
CNC services in New York and USA: Our company offers one-stop CNC services in New York and in USA. From design, cutting, welding, polishing to finish, we help our customers to build products from idea to completion. We have CNC fiber laser, CO2 laser, CNC router.  With over 15 years CNC design and operating experience we deliver the reliable services and products.

Signs fabrication in New York: We offer a variety sign fabrication services. Laser cut steel sign, company reception signs, PVC and wood plaques. With ability of cutting any materials in any design we help our customers to build a one-of-kind signs.

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